10+ Nice Brown Barn Transformed Pale Beauty

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After a dark barn, Marie Alexander’s home is currently a mild beauty, artfully punctuated by Gidled Flourishes. “What I saw was a bit brown barn filled with small brown chambers,” states Marie Alexander.   A year or so after, the tiny barn was changed into a vision of white, open space.

“Joris is a programmer who knows interval architecture and comprehends that modernising old possessions in a modern manner does not mean ripping out all of the architectural details which gives them personality,” explains Marie. “He is master at developing an awareness of mild and space and is also quite practical.”

When Joris was encouraged to find the barn to provide his professional opinionhe concurred that once lots of the inner walls were demolished, the construction could obtain a feeling of willingness and light.

Among those few dashes of color in the home stems from a still life painting with a French artist, which Marie purchased 30 years past.

This enormous beamed roof space is Marie’s personal escape, complete with a statement bathtub in that the center of this room.

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