8+ Cute Modern DIY Seating and Storage Studio Makeover Ideas

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I have been (slowly) making advancements about the studio renovations and also the largest studio shift so far is finally done! Want to understand what we did?! Built-ins! I realize it is possible for those words might have not been uttered with an exclamation point after Celtics, however I promise it is much more exciting than that tiny little term lets on.

. Additionally, there is seating! Could you tell I am thrilled?! I’m really pumped to discuss the project with you now, in partnership with all the wonderful people at HGTV HOMETM by Sherwin-Williams.

It is totally DIY-able with the ideal tools. And the result has given me plenty of display storage for books, somewhere to sit down and hangout, and concealed storage behind the artificial wall for larger furniture items and props which I don’t need on display.

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Melissa Lutz

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